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The Many Uses of DMSO: From Treating Inflammation to Cancer

Uses of DMSO
Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a natural product derived primarily from the lignan in trees. It is a by product of making paper. DMSO has anti-imflammatory properties that can relieve muscle and joint pain. It is also approved by the FDA for a type of bladder inflammation and research shows that it can protect healthy cells from cancer and chemotherapy.

So why haven't you heard of DMSO? DMSO was on track to becoming a major component of cancer treatment and was hailed as miracle cure-all until ailments until one animal study in the 1960s gave anti-natural cure companies the excuse they needed to shut down research. This inexpensive, natural substance was merely another victim of greedy pharmaceutical companies that do any and everything they can to shut down promising affordable and natural health solutions. Despite their best efforts, DMSO did not disappear completely. You can get it from feed stores (it is sold for use on horses and dogs), health food stores, and online in liquid or roll-on forms. 

The History of DMSO 

In the 1950s, people discovered that DMSO protected cells from damage caused by freezing temperatures. DMSO was tooted as a miracle cure in the 60s. Clinical trials began to prove all the benefits of this natural substance. Unfortunately, the FDA was given an excuse to reject DMSO use when researchers in a 1965 study discovered that dogs, pigs and rabbits receiving ridiculously large amounts of DMSO experience tiny changes in their eye lens that led to mild nearsightedness. This was only after six months of DMSO treatment and it did not affect the animals' lives. There has never been any research that shows humans using DMSO could develop cataracts. No other animal studies found the same results either.

Despite this “compelling” evidence of “safety” concerns, the FDA approved the use of DMSO for horses and dogs in the 1970s. Now that is just crazy. Only dogs, rabbits and pigs were involved in the one study that showed adverse reactions to DMSO (not people), and then the product was approved for use on dogs who were one of the affected species? Illogical.

So DMSO must be too dangerous to use on people, right? No. It is used as a prescription medication for interstitial cystitis, a type of bladder inflammation in humans. DMSO is approved to treat interstitial cystitis because nothing the pharmaceutical companies can come up with works. Yet it is still banned for other uses because of that one study? Why? Again, because no one will make money off it.

Today, many people use DMSO for muscle and joint issues. People have reported amazing results. A female Olympic skier used DMSO to heal a sprained wrist and twisted knee overnight. She won a gold medal the next day at the Chile Winter Olympics. Some alternative cancer centers use DMSO too with great success. 

DMSO for Use With Cancer Treatments 

DMSO proponents say it has amazing potential with cancer treatments. Some research has shown that DMSO can cause cancerous cells to become benign, meaning no longer a threat. DMSO is able to pass through human skin like water to enter cells in a way that other substances cannot. DMSO may stop or slow the development of some cancers, including breast, bladder, skin, colorectal, and ovarian cancer. Some people use it for cancer prevention too. DMSO can also help patients experiencing significantly unpleasant withdrawal symptoms caused by conventional cancer treatment. It also strengthens the immune system.

Cancer centers use DMSO to protect healthy cells from chemotherapy drugs, plus to reduce the side effects. The DMSO Potentiation Therapy is an alternative cancer protocol that combines DMSO with chemo so that drugs can target cancer cells and leave healthy cells alone. This means doctors can use extremely small doses of chemo. Fewer chemo drugs means better health for patients, but less profits for pharmaceutical companies.

More DMSO Benefits 

Studies show that DMSO can reduce inflammation and swelling. It is great for pain relief. People can spray or rub DMSO onto the skin in affected areas. Putting aloe vera gel on the skin first reduces possible skin irritation from DMSO and helps DMSO work better. People use DMSO for shingles and scleroderma.

DMSO Safety and Approval

DMSO is used topically, in medication and intravenously. The FDA in the US only approves its use for bladder inflammation but other countries approve DMSO for many other uses. It is possible that DMSO could interact with some medications. If you are taking any drugs, consult your doctor first. Some people experience minor skin irritation from direct contact with DMSO.

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  2. Brilliant for reducing pain and inflamation from arthritis in my fingers! Sadly it has meant I can no longer be a blood doner after 40 odd years, as the BTS just don't know enough about it and its effects. I wish someone would do a proper study into this stuff.


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