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How to Improve Poor Indoor Air Quality, Naturally

Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally
Dust and other irritants are common. 
The Environmental Protection Agency says that on average individuals are inside for 90 percent of the time. Compared to the air outdoors, indoor air quality can be two to five times worse. Breathing in the polluted air can make people sick. Luckily, there are easy ways to clean the air with items like houseplants and crystal salt lamps. These natural air purifiers can get the air in your house or office noticeably better.

Indoor Air Quality

Moisture, cigarette smoke and chemical cleaners are among the many things that can make the air in your home dirty. They don't say "second-hand smoke kills" just because it smells bad. Smoking inside, even if you open a window, puts you, your kids and your pets at risk for lung cancer and other health complications. Moisture in your home creates an environment that could breed mold, another thing you don't want folding around your home. 

Smoke and mold are more obvious issues, but you may not consider that the very products you are using to clean your home could be contributing to poor air quality. Many household cleaning products as well as paint have chemicals that evaporate and pollute your air. Germs and allergens are likely floating around your home too, some that you bring in unintentionally. 

Top 5 Houseplants That Act as Air Purifiers

Houseplants may act as natural air purifiers
Houseplants in your home or office take in carbon dioxide and fill your home with clean oxygen. Some of the best houseplants that function as natural air purifiers include bamboo palm, lady palm, areca palm, rubber plant, and Janet Craig dracaena.

The effectiveness of these houseplants was proven by a study conducted by NASA. These houseplants lower toxins like ammonia and formaldehyde in your home or office. They will not clean dust and allergens out of your air. 

Salt Crystal Lamps as Air Purifiers

Salt crystal lamps are not only pretty, they can attract airborne irritants. The crystallized salt pulls water out of the air and irritants like allergens along with it. The salt from the lamps dissolve the water vapor, thereby getting rid of these unhealthy air pollutants.

Salt crystal products are generally small, but are sold in various sizes to fit different indoor areas. They have a light inside them. The warmth from the light makes the lamps more effective. 

Air Out Your Home or Office

Ventilating  your home or office improves the air quality. Opening windows and turning on some fans are great ways to bring fresh, clean air into your house. You should also check your exhaust systems because if they are not working well then poor air could be trapped in your house. 
Improved ventilation gets ride of moisture too. This could help prevent mold. 

If you are experiencing irritation if your nose, eyes or throat, poor indoor air quality could be the cause. Inhaling toxins like formaldehyde can cause health issues like coughing and skin rashes. Clean may prevent these and other issues; it also smells better and creates a more pleasing environment in your house. 

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